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S&B takes the stress out of recreating authentic Japanese dishes at home.


Add some bite with Wasabi

Add flavour to soba and udon
Squeeze on sushi and sashimi
Create a spicy salad dressing

Easy Japanese with Golden Curry

Cook Katsu curry in 4 steps
Make a curry bowl in 15 minutes
Create hearty soups and broths


S&B Japanese Curries are mild, rich and smooth.

Japanese curry base is thick and brown, with a slightly sweet, mild flavour and can be easily distinguished in the first bite. Soon after, you can feel the spices on your taste buds. It is often smooth and thick which makes it unique and flavourful.


Made in Japan


Launched in 1923*


Made with signature curry powder


Contains no meat products


* S&B Foods Inc. launched the first curry powder authentically made in Japan.

S&B Wasabi has authentic flavour, pungency and aroma.

Unlike cayenne or black pepper, wasabi’s spiciness and fragrance are unique with a lively tingling in the nose. Wasabi’s punch counters the scent of raw fish and compliments its flavour with a light, fresh taste. Simply squeeze out to enjoy the authentic taste of wasabi to get extra punch at any time.


Made in Japan


First Japanese wasabi in a tube


No.1 wasabi tube in Japan and Australia*


* Japan: No.1 Wasabi Tube *INTAGE SRI + Spice (Wasabi Tube) Market Cumulative Sales of Japan from June 2022 to May 2024. Australia: Source: Nielsen Scan Data Asian Foods, Ingredients, Wasabi, value sales, from June 2022 to May 2024.


Japanese Katsu Curry Don


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Simple yet delicious Japanese cuisine.

Explore some of our authentic Japanese meal ideas below and get cooking!



Quick & Easy

Spicy Sauteed Pork

A rich, easy to make pork dish with vegetables.

  4   20 mins


The iconic Japanese street food dish.

  4   15 mins

Spaghetti Arrabbiata

A quick and easy Italian classic.

  4   15 mins

Chili Garlic Flavoured Ceviche Salad

A spicy twist on the famous Latin American dish.

  4   10 mins

Chili Garlic Edamame

A spicy accompaniment to any meal.

  4   10 mins

Salmon Poke Bowl

A simple delicious meal.

  4   40 mins

Seafood Fritter

A simple, delicious roast for two.

  4   10 mins

Tofu Vegetable Salad

A quick and healthy meal for any occasion.

  4   10 mins

Vegetable Donburi

A simple, delicious roast for two.

  4   35 mins

Pork Donburi

A classic Japanese dish.

  4   10 mins

Sashimi Poke Bowl

A simple and delicious meal.

  4   20 mins

Cha Soba Noodle Vegetable Salad

A quick and healthy meal for any occasion.

  4   20 mins

Curry Roast Spatchcock using Air Fryer

A simple, delicious roast for two.

  2   75 mins

Agedashi Fish

A twist on the classic Japanese fried tofu dish.

  4   30 mins

Snapper Sashimi

A light, fresh summer starter.

  4   15 mins

Beef and Vegetables Curry Bolognaise

A Japanese twist on a midweek classic.

  4   30 mins

Curry Gyoza

Japanese potsticker pork dumplings.

  4   25 mins

Curry Tsukemen

Dipping ramen with curry broth.

  2   25 mins


Japanese rice balls with radish and bonito flakes.

  2   15 mins

Katsu Curry Don

Rich Japanese curry with a crunchy pork cutlet on rice.

  4   30 mins


Easy to make cone-style sushi.

  2   5 mins

Curry Soba Tsukemen

This soupy curry is a comfort bowl that is just right for a weeknight dinner.

  4   45 mins

Japanese Grilled Meat on Rice

Pan grilled beef served in a spicy soy sauce dressing.

  2   30 mins

Beef and Pork Hamburg Steak with Creamy Curry Sauce

Japanese hamburger steak with rich, spicy sauce.

  6   55 mins

Pan Fried Rockling with Curry Sauce

A quick and healthy meal for any occasion.

  4   35 mins

S&B Chicken Curry Doria (Rice Gratin)

Japanese rice gratin with a creamy chicken and vegetable filling.

  6   50 mins

Curry Ramen

The famous Japanese curry noodle soup.

  4   25 mins

Curry Beef Omelette Rice

A delicious way to step up your egg omelette.

  2   40 mins

Creamy Cauliflower Curry Soup

A hearty, healthy soup perfect as an appetizer.

  4   50 mins

Curry Yakimeshi with Beef

Japanese-style curry fried rice with beef.

  2   20 mins

King Fish Ochazuke

A quick and easy homemade Japanese Tea Rice dish.

  4   10 mins

Chicken Curry

Quick and easy Japanese chicken curry.

  4   45 mins

Wasabi Chicken with Mashed Potato

Put a Japanese spin on an old favourite.

  4   20 mins

Wasabi Croquette

A perfect spicy party starter.

  4   40 mins

Japanese Grilled Eggplant

A classic Japanese side dish with a spicy miso paste.

  2   35 mins

Curry Yakiudon with Vegetables

Simple stir-fried curry udon noodles.

  2   25 mins

Vegetable Curry

A creamy curry packed with flavour.

  4   55 mins

Agedashi Tofu with Curry Ankake Sauce

Deep-fried tofu in tsuyu broth.

  6   35 mins


The traditional Japanese savory pancake.

  2   20 mins