Cha Soba Noodle Vegetable Salad

A quick and healthy meal for any occasion.
  4   20 mins


80g silken tofu, excess liquid drained
2 tsp white miso paste
1½ tbsp mayonnaise
3 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp rice wine vinegar
⅓ cup olive oil
1 tsp S&B wasabi paste, according to your liking
200g cha soba noodles, cooked through to packet instructions and drain
8 green asparagus, blanched
20 green beans, blanched
20 sugar snap peas, blanched
120g edamame, peeled
2 Lebanese cucumbers, sliced
100g snow pea shoot
1 stalk spring onion, cut
White sesame seeds, for garnish


  1. To make the sauce, mix the silken tofu, white miso paste, mayonnaise, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, olive oil and S&B wasabi paste in a food blender until well combined.

  2. Plate cha soba noodles on a serving dish. Top with green asparagus, green beans, snap peas, edamame, lebanese cucumber, snow pea shoot and spring onion.

  3. Drizzle the sauce on top and sprinkle sesame seeds to serve.