Vegetable Donburi

The famous Japanese comfort food.
  4   35 mins


½ tbsp S&B wasabi paste, according to your liking
4 tsp mayonnaise
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tsp sesame oil
2 cloves grated garlic
2 avocados, cut into bite-size
¼ red capsicum, sliced, blanched
¼ yellow capsicum, sliced, blanched
4 snow peas, blanched
4 broccolini florets, blanched
4 leaves radicchio
4 cauliflower florets, blanched
8 asparagus, blanched
2 cups of cooked rice
Lemon juice, to drizzle


  1. To make the sauce, mix S&B wasabi paste, mayonnaise, soy sauce, sesame oil and grated garlic in a bowl.

  2. Serve cooked rice in 4 bowls, top with avocados, red capsicum, yellow capsicum, snow peas, broccolini florets, radicchio, cauliflower florets and asparagus.

  3. Drizzle lemon juice and sauce mixture on the rice to serve.